5 Simple but Important Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Do you want to stop being a procrastinator? Have you tried everything to stop but it ended in frustration? Well, it seems you are not alone. We are quite many on this table.  It’s turned out that a great number of us are procrastinators. While some of us are not such messy procrastinators, almost everyone procrastinates on something. This piece will mark your transformative journey to ending procrastination. All of the strategies discussed are timeless practices that work. It will work for you too.

To be a procrastinator means you are someone who puts off doing work. You put off what you should do now for a later time. Sometimes, you never get to do them or it gets too late before you start doing them which in turn gives you not too good results. When this happens, stress and anxiety set in. you begin to panic because the deadline is approaching. Things that are done in haste don’t turn out as your best. So procrastinators are usually unable to give their best.

You need to understand that procrastination is very costly. Procrastination will turn you into an onlooker in your own life. You just watch your life go by because you didn’t transfer enough energy to your limb and get to work. Some people don’t have a problem with works that have a deadline. Like writing an essay that must be submitted, like an assignment that has a deadline attached to it because, whether they like it or not, they must submit. Their problem will be starting on time or not. More people like myself have a problem with tasks that do not have a deadline attached to them. Like visiting the doctor for a checkup, calling a family member or friend, writing in the journal, finish reading a book one is not writing exams on, etc. this is the problem the majority have. Sometimes, I scroll through my contact and see someone I ought to have called since last year but that I kept pushing forward. It can be that simple. Well, six months have passed by and I still haven’t made that call. I think I should right away (I just did).

Why do people procrastinate?

Do people procrastinate because they are in the wrong line of work or they are simply lazy?

People procrastinate because they don’t feel like doing what they ought to do. They wonder “what if I don’t get it right” or “what if the result doesn’t turn out good”. So they keep deferring what they should do now.  This is where the concept of “just do it” comes to play. Forget thoughts on the consequences or reward and just do it.

To permanently beat procrastination,

1. Cultivate the habit of setting concrete goals. That’s a good starting point.

2. Kill every possible distraction. Sometimes I want to start writing but I just feel I should check Twitter or Facebook and see what news has ‘broken’ and the next time I lift my head is an hour later. That’s sixty minutes wasted on what is not part of my to-do. To concentrate, I turn off the internet and just get to work.

3. Generate positive feelings and push off negative thoughts. You won’t be able to just do it if you don’t have an adequately positive internal environment. You will be able to do it when you make yourself feel able to do it. Does that make sense? I bet it does. It means you should build fun and excitement around your to-dos. If sipping tea will help get your job done, make tea. If it is a bottle of drink or chewing gum, get them. If it is music, plug in your earpiece.

4. Be sincere with your assessment. Tell yourself you didn’t do well with a task if you didn’t do well and acknowledge the feelings that come with it. Be conscious of your emotional response to not getting things done and to getting things done. If you feel good to have done your task, and you are alive to that feeling, you will want more of such feeling which will be enough reason for you to always get to work.

5. Be grateful for all the things you get done. It’s a positive reinforcement too.

Think about what you usually procrastinate on and apply these tips. It works!

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