COVID-19: How People are showing appreciation to Health Workers across the World

For a disease that forbids touch or any close contact whatsoever, it is important to get creative at saying thank you to Doctors, Nurses, lab attendants, consultants and all caregivers who have made huge sacrifices at the outbreak of a pandemic ravaging the world. Corona Virus (Covid-19) has already infected more than 500,000 persons leading to an overstretched health system and personnel. Many of these health workers have not slept in weeks, some have not seen their spouses and newly born kids in some cases. Some healthcare workers have even paid the ultimate price of sacrificing their lives. Here are how people are showing their gratitude across the world.

1. Italians sing from their balcony and dance to appreciate their health workers who have sacrificed greatly to keep the company running. Italy has so far suffered the greatest hit with more than 8,200 deaths and 80,589 confirmed cases.

A man applauds from his home’s window in Milan, Italy, Saturday, March 14, 2020.

2. In Singapore, people pen notes of appreciation for healthcare staff amid outbreak. To shoe their appreciation for these medical professionals, people across the Island have been writing them notes of encouragement as part of a movement known a #braveheartsg.

3. In America, actors like Taye Diggs and singers like Neil Diamond are among the celebrities encouraging people to take part in a show of support using #Solidarityat8. People were encouraged to go to their balcony, open their windows and cheer for healthcare workers who are at the front of the ravaging disease. As at Thursday, 26th March the United States already recorded 82,400 cases.

Doctors, nurses and other medical personnel are being called heroes for their dedication as they continue working in increasingly dangerous conditions — with masks and other protective gear in short supply. 

4. In India, people in several cities blew into conch shells, cheered, rang bells and banged on pots and pansto express their gratitude to hospital staff members and first responders.

President Ram Nath Kovind and senior ministers from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet stood in their respective courtyards in the capital, New Delhi showing their appreciation with a standing ovation.

5. Also in Singapore, a message board expresses gratitude to medical workers fighting the coronavirus. Respect and appreciation are shown to the health care workers bearing the brunt of the crisis. These health care workers were tagged “frontline heroes,” and will receive special bonuses. The cabinet ministers will indeed take a month’s salary cut in solidarity with people affected by the disease.

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