How to Develop Good Habits this Lockdown Period

This will be very straight to the point but it will make a difference with the very habit you’ve always wanted to develop.

A habit is something you do regularly and repeatedly to the point that you can carry it out subconsciously. If you can focus on doing a particular thing unabatedly for fourteen days and extend for one more week making twenty-one days, then it has become a habit that you can carry on for the rest of your life. Whatever habit you have always wanted to cultivate, the following steps will help you on that worthwhile journey.

1. Pick just one or a maximum of two things at a time. While you may have a whole list of things you’ve always wanted to do, working on many things on your list at a time can be overwhelming. So just pick one thing at this time.

2. Identify the habit you’ve always wanted. Not the one your friend or neighbor is having. Most times, you are pushed by the smashing pictures your friends are posting and you are tempted to make it your process. You may not be able to go far with that because you are not your friend or your neighbor and motivation differs from person to person

3. Work based on your schedule. Other people doing what you want to start may be using the morning while afternoon or night might just be the best for you. Choose your schedule carefully. Simply choose the time that is best for you.

4. Identify what you must sacrifice. Nothing goes for nothing, for you to develop your new healthy habit, you must be willing to sacrifice something that has been occupying that space. It may cost you some T.V time, some chatting time, some movie time or any other thing. Be willing to pay the price. Focus on creating and say no to distractions.

5. Even when you fail or skip a step, don’t quit. Frankly, you may miss your schedule or skip a day in your new habit engagement and you will be tempted to give it all up. Don’t give up, even when you skip a step, keep at it.

6. Reward yourself for every turn of success. Don’t wait till the final whistle goes off.

7. Finally, START NOW! Forget the theories and analysis, just start already.

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