All-time Proven Ways of Coping with Loneliness

Adams had lost his 59-year-old dad in the second week of January. So the year didn’t really start on a good note. In March, a total lockdown was imposed on the city. Banished to his single self-contained room, his 9-month-old relationship crashed exactly 6 days into the lockdown. Even though there were already red signals for Adams’ relationship, it was a bad time altogether. To say he was lonely will be understating the obvious. 

It turned out that Adams is not alone. There are thousands of people whose stories aren’t exactly like Adams’ but who are facing loneliness. This post provides tested and proven ways of coping with loneliness.

1. Stay in Contact

Use technology to keep in touch. Share updates and pictures to keep your spirit up when things are tough. Just as many people argue that social media contributes to spirit dampening, there are shreds of evidence that it can be a channel for uplifting the spirit. The key thing is to control its use. In addition, it is important that you don’t just take in all you see on social media rather, post your comments, thoughts, and opinions on things you see and use it to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, and family online.

2. Communicate the Old Fashion Way

Yes, instant and social messaging have always been more favored but this is time to largely drop instant messaging for voice communication. Don’t just send a text, dial the number. Just hearing a friend or family member’s voice can help reduce loneliness. In the same way, there are people who will feel elated and connected by hearing your voice too.

3. Get Engaged at Home.

Plan out your day and follow a regular but convenient routine. Participate in online meetings, learn new skills, a new language, and new topics of interest. In short, do some of the things you have always wanted to do but that you have not had time for. Cook a new food recipe, a meal you’ve not had time to cook before or in a long while. It helps spend time.

4. Take Good Care of Yourself.

There isn’t a better time than now for you to pay robust attention to yourself, your health, how you feel, and the state of your mind. In that vein, do exercise to keep fit, eat well, relax enough, and listen to good music. Is there a movie people are talking about? This is a time to see it and join the conversation.

5. Be Hopeful

In reality, you are not going to be alone forever. Whatever has boxed you now will soon pass. Do you feel alone even in the midst of people? You won’t always be with them. Whichever way, sometime soon, the indices will change.

6. Help Others When You Can.

Little acts of kindness here and there goes a long way to boost your morale. You will feel good about yourself. Compliment others, appreciate others, and help people when you can. It all comes back with a great feeling that sheds off the feeling of loneliness. 

7. Start Training Others.

Are there things you are proficient at? This is a time to teach others. You can teach people how to write, how to speak, how to knot tie or groom self in general, how to care for hair. Just anything you are good at. The time you spend in preparing for what you want to teach, the time you spend in teaching, the time you spend appraising your lessons will not allow loneliness to take a toll over you.

In conclusion, Loneliness is not a mental disorder in itself but it can prepare the ground and lead to mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, etc. In case you have tried all you can and all that is recommended here but you seem not to fare better, then it is time to talk to someone who can be of help. You should seek professional help without delay.

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