Your Face Mask Should Fulfill These Important Criteria

In the middle of the ongoing pandemic, there has been a wide debate on the use of a face mask. As the matter stands now, it is no longer a matter of whether to use it or not. It is now established that the use of masks will protect you and others in public places such as the bus, the market, shopping malls, and other public places. It has also been established that cloth or regular face masks will do for non-health workers.

What Will Your Face Mask Do?

While the use of face masks does not guarantee a 100% chance of not contracting the virus, it is believed that face masks help to create a physical barrier that prevents asymptomatic carriers of the virus from easily spreading it. The clothes in the face mask simply help to trap particles and droplets from cough, sneeze, and saliva while talking.

It is therefore important that you wear face masks in public places.

With the upsurge in the demand for face masks, tailors and other local producers in town have sprung into action producing as much as they can. This in itself is a great development saving us the scarcity that would have hit us. According to Lauren Masur’s piece published on the kitchn, face masks should fulfill the following criteria to prove effective.

1. Fit tightly but comfortably against the side of the face. It should be secured with ties or ear loops.

2. While including multiple layers of fabric, your face mask should allow easy breathing without restriction. 

3. Materials that allow easy laundry and drying without damage to the shape is what should be used. 

4. Your face mask having an inserted filter is an added advantage. For example, adding a coffee filter increases the effectiveness of your mask.

Caught unaware in public, you can use your cotton-based t-shirt or bandana until you can lay hands on a face mask.

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