What have you always wanted to be? What is holding you back? What is the ideal you? How do you define yourself? Too many questions right? Apologies! As a transformation expert, I help people to ask the big questions. I know I can’t provide the answers yet people who have walked up to me want answers. So what I do is to help them search into themselves and provide the answers from within. That’s spectacular right?

People who want to do something different with their lives, people who want to improve their self-esteem, people who have been constantly having negative thoughts and so on come to me thinking I will just check the big books in my library, consult Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Wundt, William James, Pavlov or Jean Piaget and give ubiquitous answers. I just ask the right questions and everything becomes alright again.

So let’s keep the conversation real. This kind of conversation will help you hold a conference with yourself. Remember that the best meeting you can have is the one with yourself. When your life is repeating negative patterns, at work, at home, in relationships, reinvention is what you need. You can be whoever you have always wanted to be

What defines you? List everything that comes to your mind. Everything matters – your background, your experiences.


What do you want your life to look like? List them – everything.

Which do you think should be first on the list? Which should be second? Which should be third? You get it, fourth or fifth

What is going to help you get them? Start with what will help you get the first thing on your list, on a new page, answer for the second thing on your list, and then for the third.

With those in place, write a vision statement for your life with a time frame for example, by 2025, I would be … (Complete it). The word ‘be’ in ‘I would be…’ is deliberate. You know why? Being is the father of doing. When you have become, it is easier to do according to what you have become.

Note: Make your vision simple enough that you can relate without much ado. Limit your vision statement to one or two and not more than three and list the things that will help you bring the vision to reality.

No doubt, there will be challenges. Don’t give up…

Stay put and continue to believe in the reality of a new and better you.

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