Regain your efficacy with these 3 self-constructs of self-leadership

Developing Self-leadership skill is a proactive measure towards having more productive and more focused individuals. It is the art and practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling, and action towards your goals and objectives.

If your goal is to be more efficient and effective, your approach must be inside-out rather than focusing on external factors. Self-leadership is all about leading yourself. You are your own CEO, therefore the first thing is responsibility – absolute responsibility for yourself and everything that happens to you. 

Self-leadership is the key to thriving in this very complicated world. It is where your true strength and true power lies. You must, therefore, have a sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going and a great ability to influence your communication, your emotions, and your behaviors.

Whether you are aware or not, you are a leader. The question is “how effective and efficient are you at leading yourself?” when you become effective and efficient, you have more influence and impact.

The three self-constructs for self-leadership


Know your intentions and your values. What values are important to you? Excellence, service, integrity, responsibility, etc. are examples of important core values. Beyond knowing your intentions and values, you must identify what can push you and the things that can stop or derail you. When a train runs on a rail track, attention must be put on anything and everything capable of derailing the train off the track.


What knowledge does is to give mastery. Mastery in turn ensures confidence. When you know your strength and ability, you must become confident to take action and develop skills that guarantee the achievement of set goals and objectives. Everyone admires a self-confident person because they are usually at peace with themselves and with what they do. This makes them trustworthy and in turn, people want to be around them.


Self-efficacy begins with believing in yourself and knowing that whatever comes your way, you can handle it. You develop the capacity to take feedback, accept, adjust, and advance. Growth in general responds to accepting that the status quo needs to be changed, making the adjustment culminates in advancements. Self-efficacy is a breeding ground for creativity and innovations

Self-leadership is an all-important skill required for success in business, career, and everyday life. It is the most important pillar in leadership development, much more attention must be paid to it.

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